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Chicago Harbor Light May 27, 2012

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A couple days ago, I had the opportunity to take one of those lake Michigan boat cruises and got close enough to the Lighthouse to take this picture. The Chicago Harbor Lighthouse stands at the end of the northern Breakwater, to the east of Navy Pier and the Chicago River.  It was built in 1893 for the World’s Columbian Exposition and moved to its present site in 1919.

Chicago Harbor Light by Georgete Pereira


The Royal Borough of Windsor December 7, 2008

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Woman on Windsor's streets by Georgete

Woman on Windsor's streets by Georgete

I have been in Windsor twice. It is a small city with more than 1,000 years of history in South East England. First time, I went there for a two-day-business trip and I promised myself that I would visit it again but with my daughter.

So a couple years later, I went back. Though my daughter was only ten-years old, she still recalls our tour to Windsor, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and one of the official residences of Her Majesty The Queen.

I think what really impressed my daughter was the sinister and magical look of the castle’s galleries and its famous St George’s Chapel. Besides of being a beautiful  building, the chapel is the burial place of at least ten monarchs.

By the way, it was fun to see some ladies dressed like centuries ago walking down the tiny streets of Windsor.

Top 100 Social Media Sites November 28, 2007

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VirtualHosting.com recently published a list of the Top 100 Social Media and Social Networking blogs, which are full of tips, news, and analysis about social media outlets. I was glad to see JD Lasica’s blog listed as one of the most SM popular blogs. Hey JD, Congratulations and YES you should brag about this recognition. Enjoy it! 🙂

“How much is content worth in the digital age?” November 14, 2007

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TIME’s James Poniewozik recently wrote on his article about the writers strike, in the U.S., “In large sense, the studios and writers are forcing a question that every other form of media is facing: How much is content worth in the digital age?” What a great point, I thought.

When writers walked off their jobs for the first time in ten years, last Monday, we witnessed an unprecedented reality check when it comes to the impact of the new Web on our society. Yep. The strike is all about money, I know. But it also draws our attention to a revolution in the field of communications. The “future” is already here showing us how the role of consumers, writers, journalists, newsmakers and entertainers are tangling with each other as a result of the advent of Social Media.  

What are they fighting for?

TV and movie companies persist on their right to offer their products (movies and TV shows) on the Internet without paying additional fee to its writers. On the other hand, writers want to be compensated based on DVD sales and Internet downloads.

I believe writers finally woke up (better later than never) to the fact that the Internet is the future; otherwise their companies would not be paying too much attention to the newest Web and investing in the hottest web marketing. The Internet is THE global marketplace where new revenues will come from. Duh!

Who is the real competitor?

But guess what? Both [writers and companies] have failed to recognize their biggest, emerging competitor: ordinary people and citizen journalists who are generating content, coming up with new media formats, and entertaining global audiences online (sometimes doing a better job than TV professionals), and all of that for FREE.

Most recently, Rosie O’Donnell unveiled her plans to broadcast a new show on her website. “I’m going to figure out a way to do a show here, in my blogville, because I really think it’s the next way anyway,” she said. Again, it seems like a gigantic battle between the medium and content providers is about to shake the TV/Entertainment industry.

Who will win?

Put on top of everything an every-day-growing generation of consumers that are enjoying the power of choosing how, where, when and what they want to watch or receive (offline and online). It’s now a matter of time to see who will win this dispute. Hope we [the audience] win! By the end of the day, quality can be an outcome of a fierce competition, and the audience will define how much content is worth in the digital age. Voilà!