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Lost bride in Chicago November 22, 2011

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Is she a newly married woman or a woman about to be married? Recently, I ran into her  while walking down the streets of Chicago downtown. Cold and fun!

Lost bride in Chicago by Georgete Pereira

Lost bride in Chicago by Georgete Pereira


Ouro Preto in black & white October 5, 2010

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I still recall the delightful moments I spent with my family in Ouro Preto, MG, in July. I have no words to describe this enchanted, historic Brazilian city.

I was fascinated by its architecture, centenarian churches and, most importantly, by the genuine kindness of its people. I made lots of new friends down there. Hope I’ll see them again. I really enjoyed listening to their stories and laughing out loud at their jokes.

The local cuisine? OMG, the best ever!

Here is a slide-show with my favorite pictures.

Yes! It’s summer in Chicago July 27, 2010

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Voyageur navigating on Chicago River by Georgete Pereira

Trust me, there is summer in Chicago!

Though nobody can guarantee it will be the same every year (we had no real summer in 2009), Chicagoans have been blessed by this year sunny weather.

I think this city has a sumptuous look regardless of any season particularities. Still, I have to confess that witnessing a scene like this one while walking back home from work puts a big smile on my face. 🙂

Hearts April 22, 2009

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Here is a set of pictures that I recently took in Mackinaw City, MI, wrapped up in slide-show format. When I saw the snow melting into heart-shapes and the solitude of this small city going through another long winter, I couldn’t help it. I immediately associated the whole look and feel with one of my favorite songs ever: Corsário, composed by João Bosco and Aldir Blanc and interpreted by Milton Nascimento. What a great combination!

Yep, two “tropical hearts” were there to tie it all together; images, song and feelings. Hope you enjoy it as I do. 🙂

Lake Geneva – What a beautiful place! February 11, 2009

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Here is a partial view of Lake Geneva, a beautiful city of  Walworth Country, WI, and one of Chicagoans‘ favorite getaways. I took this picture while attending the 14th Annual Winterfest and US National Snow Sculpting Championship last weekend.

Nope, I don’t have any picture of the snow sculptures. Believe it or not, the weather was so great that the majority melted down. I know  it was a little bit frustrating for kids, but there were a lot else to do such as horse-drawn carriage rides and even helicopter rides.

Great people and delightful conversations with local sommeliers, who also offered wine tasting and food samplings.

Partial View of Lake Geneva by Georgete

Partial View of Lake Geneva by Georgete

Lake Geneva by Georgete

Lake Geneva by Georgete

Playing at the playground! April 5, 2008

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I have to admit that the idea here is not original: using a tube as a picture-frame. However, I enjoyed playing with my daughter while taking pictures of her at a public playground this morning, in Mackinaw Island. As a typical teenager, she can get easily bored, and being a companion for an amateur photographer like me requires patience (a difficult skill to develop at any age).

However, she is adorable! I love her good sense of humor and her passion for a good laugh. As we say in Brazil, we can loose a friend but we never miss a good joke. Though my daughter is a typical American girl, the genes do not lie. She loves making fun of me! 🙂

You can also take a look at the series of photos I’ve put together in a slide show available on my Flickr page.

New Frame by georgete