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Recollections in black-and-white November 8, 2008

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Georgete by Theo

Georgete by Theo

I still recall my first photo workshop. I was 18 years old and a journalism student at the Universidade Catolica de Minas Gerais, Brazil. I was really into photojournalism and decided to learn more about photography in general.

At the end of the workshop, our instructor Theo (can’t remember his last name) asked each attendee to pose for him at the last black-and-white shooting session.

Later on, he gave our portraits out as a memento of his classes. I found mine this morning while revisiting my photo albuns. As you can see, Theo has inspired me all those years. I still find reminiscences of his style in some of the portraits I take.


West Madison September 3, 2008

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Labor-day weekend was not long enough. I really enjoyed it.

Spending time with my daughters, discovering unique places in the Windy City and taking pictures was simply heavenly.

Here is one of my shootings … “The West Madison Street” at sunset time.


Our little “black bean” at a glance August 19, 2008

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Here is our little Feijao watching TV at our new home in Chicago.

After spending the last five long-winters in the middle of nowhere in Michigan, he seems to enjoy the Windy City at his own pace, despite of its lively and turbulent streets.

I’m glad that we are all happy here. 🙂

Viva la Vida June 29, 2008

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I really don’t understand how Time Magazine’s Josh Tyrangiel could dedicate a two-page story to put in question Coldplay’s ability to come up with a great work. If anything, these guys have sold 30 million copies of their three albums and won four Grammys.

At least Tyrangiel did a good job revealing the story behind Coldplay’s endeavor to become better rather than bigger. They’ve invited Brian Eno to co-produce its fourth album “Viva la Vida.” The result, in my opinion, is a new album that is rich in melodies and lyrics with spectacular arrangements.

You can read the entire article at www.time.com. For those who enjoy listening to Coldplay’s songs, enjoy its newest hit.

Is it complicity a good thing? June 12, 2008

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Take a look at these two girls. Isn’t that complicity adorable? I met them in Juquehy beach, Brazil, a couple years ago during summer time. They are sisters and couldn’t stop laughing at each other as I took their pictures. You know that inherent silliness of childhood? Essentially, that’s what I love about this image.

By the way, when it is summer in Brazil, it is winter up here in the U.S. (duh!). Let’s say that I literately go from zero °F to 100 °F when I leave Michigan for Juquehy to spend Christmas with my family. Yes, Santa Claus wears bathing suit in Brazil. I’m not kidding! 🙂

How sublime! The first picture ever … May 4, 2008

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Bruna by Georgete

This is the first black-and-white picture I’ve ever taken. I still remember my excitement going through the entire process, from shooting to film development and printing at the darkroom.

This picture is very special to me for two reasons: First, because this is my daughter. She was five years old and was so proud of being my first ever model.

Second, because I simply LOVED how it turned out. What a sublime expression! I’m so glad that I captured and documented her softness, kindness and cute curly, dark hair!

I always joke that seven years ago I brought a Brazilian baby to the U.S. and now I have an American girl at home. It’s incredible how quickly she got engaged with the local culture.

Yep, she likes listening to rap, hip hop, r&b and pop songs. Also, she has introduced me to the world of “Jonas Brothers” and “High School Musical” 1 and 2 (it seems like there is a #3 coming up soon, OMG!).

Does she know how to samba ? Of course not.