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Good life! October 15, 2011

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Hum … it says it all!


Labor Day Weekend September 5, 2009

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Lake Michigan in Chicago by Georgete

Lake Michigan in Chicago by Georgete

It’s Labor Day weekend! Though Chicago has plenty of tourists, the weekend started very quite in downtown. No traffic at all and I’m enjoying it.  Chicagoans definitely have left the city to spend this long weekend somewhere else.

For those outside U.S., Labor Day is a national holiday that is over 100 years old. In Brazil, we celebrated it on May 1st.

Above e is my favorite picture today. Took it at Onshore drive this morning.

The white deer of Wisconsin January 29, 2009

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White Doe, Wisconsin by Georgete

White Doe by Georgete

Recently, I was introduced to one of the facets of Wisconsin’s lifestyle. I stayed in a typical cabin built of rough logs and beautifully decorated with hunting-themed ornaments.

Needless to say how much I enjoyed meeting its people and learning about what they do for fun such as snowmobiling, playing pool, hunting and listening to country music.

I couldn’t stop myself from stepping outside to take pictures of a white deer in the backyard. I believe it was 20 Celsius negative that night.

By the way, I’ve learned that for most deer the male is called a buck and the female is a doe. Also, a real white deer can be distinguished from albino deer by their brown, green or blue eyes, which is the case here.

“Anyways” I really had fun, though I almost got my fingers frozen. Yep, I was wearing gloves.

Recollections in black-and-white November 8, 2008

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Georgete by Theo

Georgete by Theo

I still recall my first photo workshop. I was 18 years old and a journalism student at the Universidade Catolica de Minas Gerais, Brazil. I was really into photojournalism and decided to learn more about photography in general.

At the end of the workshop, our instructor Theo (can’t remember his last name) asked each attendee to pose for him at the last black-and-white shooting session.

Later on, he gave our portraits out as a memento of his classes. I found mine this morning while revisiting my photo albuns. As you can see, Theo has inspired me all those years. I still find reminiscences of his style in some of the portraits I take.

Hands October 24, 2008

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Once I heard that we should thank our own hands for all the great things they enable us to do. It doesn’t hurt to try it.  It can be a very contemplative exercise … By the way, this picture is not a reflection. 🙂

Hands by Georgete

Hands by Georgete

The Beauty of Shadows October 8, 2008

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The Beauty of Shadows by Georgete

The Beauty of Shadows by Georgete

When I took this picture, I was looking for expressions that would genuinely reflect sentiments. I was surprised by the plastic effects of its shadows, though.

Somehow this image takes me beyond its intrinsic beauty. The contrast between darkness and brightness reminds me the ups and downs we all experience in life.

I mean, it makes me reflect about the fact that all of us have learned how to appreciate the bright side of life after gone through an unenlightened phase.

I know, I wish I had learned that without suffering too. However, as you can see in this picture (as well as in life) darkness plays an important role on helping the photo showing off its shiny portion.

At least, its a nice feeling to see darkness and its role from luminous lenses.

Have fun! 🙂