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Top 100 Social Media Sites November 28, 2007

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VirtualHosting.com recently published a list of the Top 100 Social Media and Social Networking blogs, which are full of tips, news, and analysis about social media outlets. I was glad to see JD Lasica’s blog listed as one of the most SM popular blogs. Hey JD, Congratulations and YES you should brag about this recognition. Enjoy it! 🙂


Do you avoid taking risks to prevent mistakes? November 22, 2007

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Mike Moran  recently wrote on his blog: “Nobody ever wants to make a mistake. From the time we are children, we get corrected. We are told how to do better. For many of us, the feelings that come along with the mistakes are the worst part—we’d do anything to avoid feeling them. But the only way to avoid those feelings completely, we tell ourselves, is to avoid mistakes. The way that plays out in real life is to avoid risks, chances, experiments, and everything we actually need to do to succeed ….”

How about you? Do you avoid taking risks to prevent mistakes or would you rather learn by doing?

The Strong Daugthers of China August 11, 2007

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shan2.jpgI just finished reading “Wild Swans,” by Jung Chang, an extraordinary memoir that vibrantly describes the unbelievable story of three generations of Chinese women.

Most importantly, it portrays the impact of history on their lives and how their courage and strengths helped their family survive a century of social, economical and political remarkable changes.

If you’ve never had a chance to learn about the Chinese culture, check this book out. Through Jung’s life experience, her mother’s and grandmother’s saga, you will learn about critical periods of China’s history such as the Warlord government, Japanese invasion, Kuomintangs, Communism and Cultural Revolution.

chin4.jpgI don’t know if you agree with me, but regardless culture differences what all females around the world have in common is our capacity to remain strong during adversity. Also, like the spring, we have the gift of flourishing over and over again after a strong winter. No matter how hard the winter comes.

The pictures here were recently taken by my daughter in Shanghai, China. Thanks Tuchinha!