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What you can do for free during spring break in Chicago April 6, 2009

Posted by Georgete in Point of view.

You can “Start with the Universe,” the new exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) that shows Buckminster Fuller’s ingenious work such as the US Pavilion for the 1967 World’s fair in Montreal, Canada. Fuller is one of the greatest American visionaries of the 20th century. He went to a variety of interdisciplinary studies, from architecture, engineering, mathematics to environmental science and visual arts. Museum admission is free to everyone on Tuesdays.

If you decide to visit the exhibition, you might want to take your kids with you. Looking at the 340 objects produced by Fuller is at least an excellent exercise to stimulate creativeness. Your kids will see the world through Fuller’s eyes, where cars, houses, boats are built upon a series of tetrahedron — a polyhedron composed of four equilateral triangle faces. “The earth is not square and the tetrahedron is the essential building block of nature,” he argued.

I checked it out yesterday and was fascinated to learn about the key aspect of Fuller’s outlook: “harnessing the positive potential of new technologies to solve the challenges facing humankind.” Yep, back in 1928 this guy came up with the 4D Time Lock, an revolutionary notion of a new type of low-cost, mass produced housing. The fact that technology was not available at his time never stopped Fuller from attempting to discover new ways to better serve people’s need. He knew one day technology would be developed to support his inventions.

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago by Georgete

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago by Georgete



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