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The contrast beteween two Brazilian jungles! June 1, 2008

Posted by Georgete in Point of view.

On May 30th 2008, newspapers all over the world echoed the discovery of a new Indian tribe by Brazilian researchers, in a remote Amazon region. It’s not hard to believe it. Everyone can get easily lost in Amazon forest due to its colossal size and many hard-to-access spots.

However, like everybody else, I was surprised by the news. The picture of the “uncontacted tribe” mismatches the Brazil I grew up in. It definitely contrasts against the development of cities such as Sao Paulo, the largest urban center in the country with more than 19 million habitants.

I used to refer to Sao Paulo as “the jungle made of concrete.” You must be a fierce warier to fight against a high-educated workforce as you compete for a spot at the best schools and companies.

I couldn’t help it. Here are images of Sao Paulo and the new tribe in Amazon. What a contrast!



1. Fábio Betti - June 17, 2008

Só agora, tarde da noite, consegui dar uma passeada por seu blog e me deparei com esse post mostrando alguns dos contrastes brasileiros. Esse também é um tema recorrente nos textos que tenho escrito no blog da IABC (www.novacia.x.iabc.com), que se propõe justamente a mostrar um pouco das idiossincrasias brasileiras para quem não nos conhece.A propósito, “putzz greella” é um excelente nome! Bjs.

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