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What can you get for free? February 24, 2008

Posted by Georgete in black-and-white photos, People, Photography, Point of view, travel, Trips.

Free Hugs by GeorgeteApparently, hugs!

I’ve spent some time watching this guy offering hugs for free at The Pike Place Market, in Seattle, WA. Needless to say he was very successful.

He told me that he is part of a worldwide movement called “Free Hugs Campaign,” which is aimed at reaching out and hugging strangers to brighten up their lives. I got intrigued by that and decided to find more about this movement.

According to its website, the campaign is an international kindness initiative that has spread to over 80 countries around the world. It seems like the campaign has been very successful, though police and officials had ordered the Free Hugs campaign banned in the past.

“Its all okay now,” they say. However, before embarking on your “Hugathon,” make sure you check your local laws and visit their website for more information. You will also find interesting stories in videos, photos and Forums.

If you are serious about becoming a professional hugger, you can download the “Illustrated Guide to Free Hugs.”



1. Ranjay Mitra - February 24, 2008

I wish they did it more often everywhere. In New York at least, I wish people laughed and smiled more often.

Ranjay Mitra

2. Georgete - February 24, 2008

I agree with you Ranjay … I bet the tourists would love it too.

3. Steve - March 4, 2008

My friend stumbled across this while looking for fellow huggers and emailed me this. He does that because it’s me that you’re writing about.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much for writing this blog and getting the message out there to the masses.

Again, thank you very much. I hope you enjoyed your hug experience in Seattle.

Steve (The Free Hugs Guy at Pike Place Market)

4. Georgete - March 5, 2008

Steve, How nice to hear from you. You made my day! Please let me know how can I help more this initiative. Please go to Brazil one day. I bet you will not need any sign offering hugs. We grew up giving hugs for free in Brazil! It’s an adorable trace of our culture.

Have fun!

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