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Covent Garden: People Interaction in Black & White December 10, 2007

Posted by Georgete in black-and-white photos, Life, People, Photography.

People Interaction, Covent Garden by Georgete

It’s Saturday afternoon and I am walking down the streets of the Covent Garden, one of the most effervescent district of London, England. Yep, I have my camera with me. Suddenly I run into this guy dressed up in a custom, completely static. He stays in that position for more than five minutes. I find hilarious to watch how people interact with him …

London is my favorite city in the world. The oldest inhabited part of city (2000 years), Covent Garden has historic theatres, musicians performing on streets, and over 1000 (I’ve heard) of places to eat and drink. Of course, it’s a rich field for photographers!



1. Melissa - December 10, 2007

Hey, it’s Melissa. I love the picture – guy with the crazy hair. And I’d love to go to London some day. I have a lot of traveling ahead of me.

2. Georgete - December 10, 2007

Hi Melissa, I was so glad when I saw your comment. Thank you a lot.

3. Lu - December 19, 2007

London, Paris, when the hell are you coming to São Paulo??? Miss you!

4. Georgete - December 20, 2007

Poxa Lu! Que saudades! Poh deixah que ano que vem eu chego em Sao Paulo. Manda noticias!

Um beijo,


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