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What do you need to be happy? July 2, 2007

Posted by Georgete in Life, Photography, Thoughts.

When people ask me why Brazilians are generally happy and avid, I always say that keeping our sense of humor up helps us move through the ups and downs of life. Here is another picture from South Africa. Their cheerfulness is contagious and I suspect Brazilians and South Africans have a lot in common. Viva!





1. m6fan - July 2, 2007

Thanks for sharing this picture, it brought a smile to my face and Made my morning as I’m getting out and about.

Cheerfullness is contagious and I’ll try to be contagious today.


J Alan

2. Alan Headbloom - July 2, 2007


I loved this image! Indeed, it reminded me of similar scenes I’ve observed in Bahia (Brazil) and Borno State (Nigeria). There is something wonderfully joyful in the spirit of Africans, whether on the original continent or transplanted across the Atlantic. Thanks for sharing.

Viva o espiritu africano!
Alan II

3. Anonymous - July 3, 2007

Great photo.

There is a message there for all of us — it’s not possessions that control our happiness.

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