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Surrounded by Mountains June 6, 2007

Posted by Georgete in Life, Personal, Photography, Point of view.

I’ve lived in so many cities since I was born that I ended up with a mixed accent, which even my closest friends sometimes find hard to recognize. Being everywhere makes me feel almost like a gipsy with my family being my home country. However, I’m VERY PROUD of being Brazilian.

ouro_preto_minas_gerais_brazil_photo_gov_tourist_ministry1.jpgLooking back I realize that Minas Gerais, where I spent most of my childhood, is still part of me. Its nature, traditions, people and passion for literature are my intrinsic elements. Ok, ok, I confess. I was a black sheep and I’m very far from being a good representative of the traditional Minas’ family. Fazer o que, ne?

I still remember the strong influence of the Portuguese architecture on my grand-parents’ house, churches and schools. What impacted me most was the fact that I grew up surrounded by omnipresent and stunning mountains. I was puzzled by the shape and grandiosity of the mountains and I still miss the redness on the sky in the autumn.

Once I was told that good poets, novelists and song writers come from areas limited by hills, because they grow up guessing what is behind the mountains.

I don’t know if it is true, but YES there are phenomenal poets and writers in Brazil from Minas Gerais. Thank to God, they constantly miss what they haven’t gone through yet.

If you have a chance to visit Brazil, here are historical cities and great places in Minas Gerais:

1 – Ouro Preto; 2 – Congonhas; 3 – Chapada Diamantina National Park

The photos in this post were taken by Brazil/ Ministry/Turism/Ouro Preto/ Minas Gerais/Photos website.



1. eclatderire - June 7, 2007

Beautiful places 🙂

2. Charles Stone - March 22, 2009

Wonderful, Ouro Preto I´ve been there many times congratulations!!!

3. Charles Stone - March 22, 2009

Great report, congratulatios! I´ve been to Ouro Preto many times.

4. Georgete - March 23, 2009

Thanks a lot for stopping by and living your nice feedback.

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