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Assumptions April 1, 2007

Posted by Georgete in Life.

I always tell my kids to NOT make any decision or react to people based upon their own “assumptions,” especially when you have Latin blood running in your veins. It can turn you into a weapon of mass destruction when it comes to personal relationships.

I’ve encouraged them to never be afraid of facing the truth by having honest conversations whenever any concern or issue bothers them. “Talk and listen to others before taking any action. It will stop you from hurting yourself and the ones you love,” I say.  Barking at people every time you feel threatened doesn’t help. 

Do I sound like a wise mom? Probably. However, before being a perfect mom I’m a “working-in-progress” human being. Recently I found myself letting my assumptions drive my attitudes and poor judgment. WHAT A SHAME, I admit. 

Thanks to God I have raised wise kids who did not hesitate a second to remind me about my own preach. I hope they’ve learned from me that “being good for the sake of being good” takes time, courage and, most importantly, persistence. Mea culpa, I know. But I will never give up!



1. joca - April 6, 2007

very proud of you!!! With all my heart

2. Alan Headbloom - April 17, 2007


It’s always easier to tell people (our kids) what to do, instead of following those instructions ourselves. Remember to listen to *their* wisdom along the way–after all, they studied with a master! 😉

Uma beijoca,

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