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Great to see Rodrigo Santoro playing Xerxes March 19, 2007

Posted by Georgete in Movies.

This weekend, I watched 300 and I was mesmerized. Its computer-made scenes and the beauty of its unusual photography were delightful surprising. Ok, I confess… my major reason to watch this movie was to check on Rodrigo Santoro – one of my favorite Brazilian actors. He plays Xerxes I of Persia. I was impressed and proud of him. I know, I never had a chance to meet him in person … but as another Brazilian, I felt like I was related to him more than anybody else at the cinema. Most recently, I watched “Carandiru,” a movie where Rodrigo plays another spectacular character, which by the way is quite similar to Xerxes in its essence. If you haven’t had a chance to see it, don’t waste more time. Hey Rodrigo, GREAT JOB!



1. Lu - March 20, 2007

If I’m happy just to see him “not-talking” at all at LOST, I think I’ll be completely satisfied to see him in real action at 300.

2. Batatinha - April 6, 2007


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